Tuesday, September 5, 2006

New look

Not sure if this is indicative of anything in particular, but:

Driving around my solidly Republican neighborhood this morning, I noticed a whole lot of Gill for Congress yard signs. Didn't see a single re-elect Timmy sign or any indication of any Johnson action.

Lots of Gill bumper stickers, too.

If you knew my neighborhood, you'd understand how surprising this is.

It's early, but I'm wondering if this may be a trend.

And so it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Funny anecdote from a few years back, apropos of nothing. I live in a pretty liberal neighborhood in Champaign and was impressed with the yard signs I was seeing (I forget which year/election cycle this was). I thought sure my candidates had locks on the election. Then we decided to drive out/over/down to Curtis Orchard for pumpkins and my jaw dropped at the difference in the signs. It was really striking.

It's interesting to hear that you've noticed this difference. I haven't seen any yard signs go up just yet, but then again I'm not getting out much since I'm expecting a baby any day now and my dog walks have been offloaded...