Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Long live ...

Spent an hour this evening wandering through random personal blogs and came to the following conclusion, which is undoubtably wrong but still what I found:
The personal blog, while not dead, is not in a real healthy state. On the endangered list to be sure.
What I found:
-lots of mediocre artists trying to sell mediocre art
-lots of mediocre poets posting mediocre poetry
-lots of people trying to sell other kinds of assorted junk
-a few personal blogs recounting family happenings
-lots of foreign-language blogs which, being a typical ugly American, I couldn't understand
-very little political and/or personal commentary
-very few posts of general interest.

And for better or worse, this blog also pretty much falls into a few of the above categories.

My old mind used to devour blogs which presented ideas, opinions, rants and political diatribe.

I found little or none of that.


And so it goes.

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