Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Don't like your teacher? Just shoot 'em?


Are the parents to blame? TV? Video games? Violent cartoons?


Lack of drugs?

Or perhaps it's just the widespread availability of weapons and a declining value for human life?

And so it goes. Sadly.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where's the beef?

I'd really like to know what's fueling the Teapublicans blind, stupid and petty hatred of the Affordable Care Act.

Are the drug companies behind it? Big health care? Whose money is pushingg it? You know there's a lot of money somewhere.




Why do they not want to see everyone have health insurance and health care?

Just doesn't make any sense.

Unless it's all about Obama hate.

Can't have a N in the White House, now can we?


And so it goes.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


You gotta admire the Naples School Board.

They sure suckered the Ponciana School/ Coach House Lane parents.

The parents want the cellphone tower removed from the Poncianna School parking lot.

Unfortunately, the school board signed a contract with Sprint. A contract they most likely can't get out of for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the school board doesn't want to break the contract. They LIKE the money they get from Sprint. Plus, they really can't afford to move the tower on their own, even if they wanted to. Which they don't.

Their solution?

The magnanimous board allowed the parents 3 weeks to contact Sprint and convince them to move the cell tower.

Good luck.

"Hello, Sprint. Uh, I'm a parent of a Poncianna School student. I'd like you to move the cellphone tower because although there's no proof, the tower just could be a health hazard to my kid. Yeah, Sprint, just move it away. You can afford it, right?"

You just KNOW that's gonna work, don't you?

3 weeks.


And so it goes.
Can someone 'splain to me how parents feel they DESERVE after school programs for their children to be largely paid for and run by the school district?

Just exactly what does AFTER SCHOOL mean?

When the schools are done teaching, they become babysitters?

And I'm paying for this?

And the parents are mad because they don't get the exact free/subsidized babysitting program they want.

At taxpayer expense?

When did we get into the babysitting business?

OK school board, act.

If the parents aren't happy with the existing programs, get rid of them. You're under no obligation to run school AFTER school.

Babysitting IS NOT a right.

And so it goes.