Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life support?

After noticing a number (in fact most) of my old favorite blogs haven't been updated in months, I'm forced to ask:

Are blogs dead?

Have they been replaced by social media like Facebook and Twitter?

Are blogs a thing of the 90s which has outlived its usefulness?

Does anyone care?

And so it goes.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dis and dat

Just a few election night observations

- Apparently being unqualified is a qualifying attribute to too many voters.

- A lot of good people got swept away in Tuesday's tea bag ignorance.

- Remember, in nearly every off-year election the party out of power makes gains. Usually at least one house of Congress changes hands.So don't go calling it a revolution, especially since the Dems kept the Senate.

- It makes me SO happy that we continue to have an absentee U.S. Representative. Wasn't aware that Southern California was in Collier County. Wonder if Connie even knows where Collier County is?

- Apparently many tea bags contain hallucinogens.

- An awful lot of voters seemed content to bring in garbage and throw out the quality.

- Could be that the upper class is taking back THEIR AMERICA, at the expense of the rest of us.

- Is the Florida governorship REALLY worth what, $50 million of your own money?

- Do any of you REALLY believe any of this is going to make any difference?

- Just drink your koolade and shut up, OK?

And so it goes.