Friday, June 27, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sure, George

They've been pumping oil out of Alaska for years. Why hasn't it helped the price of gas in the U.S.? They're selling it to Japan.

There are U.S. oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico pumping out crude. Why hasn't it helped the price of gas in the U.S.? They're selling it to China.

Just thought you should know.

And so it goes.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just move on, nothing new to see here

You'd think by now the GOP would realize that we can see when they're playing politics rather than 'trying to help.'

The latest political boondoggle is president W-imbecile parroting John McSame's call to open up drilling for oil along the U.S. coastlines.

Sounds kinda good until you think. Which th GOP definitely does NOT want you to do.
President Bush is renewing his call to open U.S. coastal waters to oil and gas development, arguing that it's high time to battle high prices with increased domestic production.
Sounds logical until you consider:

Even if the oil conglomerates decide to actually drill along our coastlines, which they probably won't do because it's way too expensive and that development would cut into their windfall profits, it would take at least 5 years (more likely 10) before that oil reaches the market. Exactly how is that gonna help out today's $4-heading-up-to$6 price of gasoline?

It won't of course. They don't want you to know that. They just want you to think they're doing something. Mostly the something would be polluting our beaches. Destroying the Gulf's ecosystem. Destroying the gulf coast's economic base (tourism). And solving exactly doodley-squat.
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, energy secretary during the Clinton administration, called it "another bad idea."

"It's going to take 10 years to fully get that oil out of the ocean. It's a fragile ecosystem," he said on CBS's "The Early Show."

"You know this president, all he wants to do is drill, drill, drill. There is very little on conservation, on fuel efficiency for vehicles. Just last week the Congress failed to pass a solar tax credit — give more incentives to renewable energy, solar and wind. A one track mind — drill drill drill — that's not going to work," Richardson said.

That drilling, by the way, is just drilling into your wallet. It will solve nothing. And there's no guarantee the oil will ever reach domestic (i.e. U.S.) markets. It will be sold on the world market. For the highest price. To the highest bidder. If it goes to China, that's OK with the oil barons. Europe? That's OK, too. The U.S.? Don't make me laugh; that will NOT be the highest bidder.

Finally, the GOP would like you to believe the blocking of drilling was all a Democratic plot. However,
Congress imposed the drilling moratorium in 1981 and has extended it each year since, by prohibiting the Interior Department from spending money on offshore oil or gas leases in virtually all coastal waters outside the western Gulf of Mexico and in some areas off Alaska.

President George H.W. Bush issued a parallel executive drilling ban in 1990, which was extended by President Clinton and then by the current president until 2012.

Even the W-imbecile's daddy said it's wrong.

But it's politics. Not the economy, stupid.

And so it goes.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'll give you 49 billion reasons why

Can the GOP get any more transparent? It's pretty well known that the GOP is the party of big business, but here's proof beyound a shadow:
Senate Republicans blocked a proposal Tuesday to tax the windfall profits of the largest oil companies, despite pleas by Democratic leaders to use the measure to address America's anger over $4 a gallon gasoline.

The Democratic energy package would have imposed a tax on any "unreasonable" profits of the five largest U.S. oil companies and given the federal government more power to address oil market speculation that the bill's supporters argue has added to the crude oil price surge.

Funny, though, the GOP can't offer any other form of relief for the gas-paying public.
But Republicans argued the Democratic proposal focusing on new oil industry taxes is not the answer to the country's energy problems.
OK, so what is the answer?

The GOP is surprisingly silent on that one.

Maybe because taxing windfall profits means taxing the true base of the GOP?
Want more transparency?
Separately, Democrats also failed to get Republican support for a proposal to extend tax breaks for wind, solar and other alternative energy development, and for the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation. The tax breaks have either expired or are scheduled to end this year.
Could it be any plainer?
The GOP wants higher gas prices. It fought for it for the last seven years. And the rich guys are not about to give it back.

And so it goes.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Easy pickins

Yeah, I know an Obama-Hillary ticket would be formidable.

But do we really need formidable to beat John McBush?

Actually I think all we need is consciousness. A pulse. A few waves on the old brain-o-meter.

If he keeps it up, McBush will beat himself by August. The more he tries to distance himself from the W-imbecile, the more he looks like Bush III. Oh, He'll take Bush's money, and Bush's advice, and his policies and use some of Bush's advisors, but hey, he's his own man, isn't he?


(To repeat myself, am I the only one who thinks he's looking more and more like an Oompa Loompa?)

And so it goes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



OBAMA '08!

About time.

Now, if we can just convince Hillary to take her campaign of mean nasty spitefulness and go home ....

At least we now have a real alternative to Bush's third term; someone other than John McBush, the man on both sides of every issue. When he's not falling asleep. (Anyone else notice that he looks frighteningly like an Oompah Loompah?)

Maybe, just maybe we can turn this country around. Maybe we can build something we again can be proud of. Maybe we can loosen corporate America's unholy stranglehold on our government. Make it 'one nation of the people, by the people and for the people.'

Let us pray.

And so it goes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


'Bout time she noticed there are rules:

(I know it's not Friday, but with two primaries today, it may be too late by then. I hope).

And so it goes.