Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm back, sort of

Before this thing gets rolling (if it does) a little background for anyone who's interested.

I'm an old guy who's spent my career in the publishing business. That career has taken me pretty much all over the country (at least 4 time zones worth...). The last stop lasted an incredible 18 1/2 years. Then...

We moved to Florida from Champaign, IL, just a year ago. While in Illinois, I posted almost daily on this blog for over two years. Topics ranged from politics to social issues to sports to idiot drivers to University politics and policies to whatever struck my fancy at that moment.

When we moved, I found myself too busy and too ignorant of Florida politics to take part. I mostly just watched. When it comes to politics in Florida, there's a lot to watch. Still haven't run into Chad yet....

I'm still pretty ignorant, but that didn't matter in the past, so I'm willing to give it another shot. Don't look for daily postings but periodically, I'll be here to vent my feelings, frustrations and perhaps for an occasional gloat.

It's good to be back. Sort of.

And so it goes.