Thursday, April 15, 2010

Me, too

Lotsa Tea Party protests around the country today.

A few observations.

--Funny how the majority appear to be older, well-off retirees. Poor young folks need not apply.
--Lots of signs denouncing Marxism and Socialism and Communism. From the wording, the sign bearers have no idea what any of those isms are. But they know they're BAD.
--There's a clear undercurrent of racism throughout the protests. Not an African-American face to be found. Or a Latino. Just your average White Anglo-Saxon Klansman.
--Seems like everyone is carrying a sign with a different agenda. Some want smaller government. Others want the government to fund just their cause. Some want the abolish the income tax. Others express fear of the VAT. Others are afraid of the Rush/Glen lies presented about the Health Care reform bills.
--It doesn't appear that any two baggers agree on anything, But they sure like to get together and scream. (As long as they get home in time for the early bird dinner specials).
--A lot of they seem to want to vote everyone out. No one seems to realize how unrealistic that is. What they mean is they want YOU to vote out YOUR representative, cuz mine is just fine. It cannot and will not happen. There are 435 congressional districts. Imagine convincing ALL the voters in all 435 districts to oust their incumbent. Dream on.
--I think they just like to scream.
--And show how upset they are that we have a BLACK president.

And so it goes.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Just figured out the health care argument.

If you're rich you can afford health care. You get to live long, healthy productive lives.

If you're poor you can't. You should die. Quickly.

And don't expect us to bury your poor, sorry ass, either. That would mean confiscating some of my justly-deserved wealth. That's socialistic!

Rot, poor folks. Rot.

(But rot out of my sight - and far enough away that I don't have to smell you. I've got another wine auction to go to. Don't ruin it for me.)

And so it goes.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It wasn't me

I've argued against anonymous comments on newspaper web sites for some time.

No one has listened.

Now, someone has.


And so it goes.