Friday, January 22, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


An awful lot of folks hereabouts have been thinking the Cubs just might, yeah they might, yeah I think they're gonna, oh, yeah they're gonna for sure move from Mesa, AZ to Naples, FL.

Ain't gonna happen folks.

Never was gonna happen.

It was all a leverage play. All along.

The Cubs wanted concessions from Mesa. Complacent Mesa. Mesa which has really really become used to having the Cubs there, for like 57 years.

In order to get those concessions, the Cubs had to manufacture a scenario that indicated they JUST MIGHT leave.

Worked. Like a charm.

Scared the stuffings out of Mesa folks.

Concessions are on the way.

Just the way the Cubs knew they were gonna be.

And Naples. We were played like a $2 fiddle.

We never were in the running because truth be told there never was any running.

The Cubs wouldn't have moved. Even without Mesa's cooperation.

They just wanted some new toys.

And they're gonna get them. The Cubs knew they would.

And so, Mesa gets the elevator and Naples, predictably, gets the shaft.

And so it goes.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vote 'em out

I keep reading in the NDN's letters to the editor that we should vote out all the members of Congress.


Just how are you gonna go about that?

You only get one vote for one House member. What about the other 434?

You only get two votes for U.S. Senator, one every 6 years. How you gonna vote 100 Senators out that way?

Besides, odds are, you LIKE YOUR Senator and Rep.

So, what you mean is that EVERYONE ELSE should vote THEIR senator and rep out, right?

Just how are you gonna accomplish that?

Think people.

Stupid is contagious. Just read the letters to the editor.

And so it goes.